Best Quality

Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. We make sure it is what our client and customer gets out of it.

Extensive Taste

Once you figure out what authentic products tastes like, it tastes better than attention. We help you to get there.

Healthier Fit

It is the health, that is real wealth. Our products will keep your body and mind strong by providing you with a healthier diet.

About Our Company

Consumer Food & Supply chain consumes the dedicated, extensive and efficient methods for a complete nutrition management. We identify that every service provider has distinct needs and different resources. With increasing demands on every day-to-day needs.

In today’s environment successful organizations will have to manage their bottom line effectively. Which means it is essential in keeping overhead costs down and embracing new ideas, new technologies and management philosophies.

Our “OHM Brand” with the consumer tag-wording “Traditional of Taste” being initiated with process of manufacturing and enriching your recipes, food-needs by providing it with special and outstanding flavors.

We acquire the raw materials and key ingredients from main areas of Tamil Nadu and all other parts of India. Our Brand got embarked as a startup spice processor to major spice supplier and then successively emerged to an outgrown supplier of Spices, Masalas, Cereal, Dal and etc housing variety Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian category of food consumers.

We use the traditional and high-quality mixture of fine spices and organic ingredients to make our products to standout in the market and reach customer’s diet satisfaction and health consciousness. Our products are blended based on truly authentic recipes from the region of product origin in the right measures to meet authentic taste expectations with the help of traditional secrets that have been protected and handed down over to the succeeding generations.

We serve not only our Domestic Consumers in India but also exports a wide range of packaged food products to Global markets that include countries Singapore, Switzerland, Europe, UK, Canada, USA and Asian Countries.

Each and every of our product personifies the tradition of superlative taste and unique quality. We adhere to the incomparable stringent quality standards, from sourcing ingredients to processing and packing. We are ISO 22000 and HACCP certified.