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An ambitious food-chain venture established to manufacture, supply food and its related products.

OHM Brand

An authentic brand that produces pure, fresh, natural, healthy and subtle flavors of food products to enrich the taste buds of customers.

Abiraaja OHM Products

Abiraaja Ventures Pvt Ltd - Exporter & Trader in all type of Food Commodities & General goods


Company’s Introduction:- Abiraaja Ventures ( OHM ) is Based Company which is a Distributor/ Importer/ Exporter of Food Products in ( Spices, Pulses, Cereals, Masalas, Pappads, Rices, Etc ) in trading in premium quality of original products from India

Abiraaja Ventures Private Limited was established in the year of 2015 in the business of Food Commodities by our Honourable Director ( Mr. VKR. JAGANATHAN ) in chennai, Tamilnadu. His experience and passion in Food Industry and the TAG of “ Quality delivered always “ business since 2015, We have become one of the well-renowned seasoning Food Products company in South India. In todays context, Abiraaja Ventures has successfully expanded out business to Singapore, Switzerland, Europe, United Kingdom and Asia Pacific Regions.  ,with one simple goal – to offer Best quality of Indian food products at the most affordable cost. Today, we are just as passionate as we were and our goal remains unchanged. With our huge customer base,  Abiraaja Ventures also equip ourselves with the right documentation  to comply to the requirements of different regions.   ,Having vast knowledge in all aspects of  Food Processing as well as the differences in culture of the different region. We have always be able to develop and produce seasoning Food Products suitable for each individual Market.  ,As a food processing company Abiraaja Ventures ( OHM ) is ” READY TO GO ” AND MAKE NO COMPROMISE in food Safety & Quality and constantly maintaining our hygiene standards.

Then as now, Abiraaja Ventures ( OHM ) has always formed a relationship with clients and suppliers alike, based on ethical business practices. This is why many of our customers and suppliers have come to trust us and have been working with us and still continue to support us. and, has valued our relationships with all involved in our business from our farmers, suppliers, distributors and buyers, associates, clients, and partners. Our strategic alliances with reliable suppliers from the country of origin of products that we import assurance us of quality products at the best prices. Abiraaja Ventures ( OHM )has come to symbolise, quality, commitment and value.

Our core business today remains as international sourcing and the import and export of quality spices and specialty herbs. For 7 years we have proved to be a credible and reliable player in the industry. This has helped to position us as the industry leader in the spice and herb industry. Abiraaja Ventures ( OHM ) trading company is to further serve our customers with processed quality spices at retail & wholesale level and to trade food commodities with our own brand name OHM, Since then, the company grew rapidly, with increasing customer base, gearing towards high volume and efficient production capabilities. Serving with pride to hotels, restaurants, retail stores, catering companies and many more reputable organizations. Abiraaja Ventures ( OHM ) enjoys a remarkable market share in the current commercial scene.

Abiraaja Ventures expanded into the retail market supplying processed in Food Commodities under our own brand name, OHM. This entity is fully equipped, with the vision to be the most favored home grown brand in the region. With the increasing demand for high quality spices in the international market certainly. , Abiraaja Ventures ( OHM ) international trading company highly specialised in procuring and distributing the wide range of Spices, Pulses, Cereals, Rices, Masalas.  We are a Solution Provider for these items and acts as a Bridge between Suppliers and Customers. We source for your requirements globally understanding your needs and provide solutions.  ,We have been in this field and believe in customer satisfaction.

Why Abiraaja Ventures ( OHM ) ?

Prompt delivery,  Quality Packaging,  Production Consistency,  Wide range of superior quality products

We offer wholesale in all type of food commodities & export food products of our own Premix & pure ranges,  We are one of the major suppliers to wholesalers, ship chandlers, hospitality groups and local markets.  We can also custom blend our spices to suit the taste buds of the discerning few who require that little extra at the dinner table.  Our products are created with the modern household in mind, where coming back to the warmth of a home cooked meal will be an everyday indulgence. We spare no expense in delivering a meal that is authentic, simple to create and exquisite in taste.  , With our wealth of expertise and experience spanning as partners to major food establishments, we are confident of providing high quality products and services to the food industry. Our location in India offers excellent sourcing opportunities for raw Spices, Pulses, Cereals, Rices, Masalas to major counties of the world,  ,Our facility comprises various specialized technology to produce quality ground and blended spices and seasonings. A quality control team is entrusted to ensure strict compliance to good manufacturing practices from the receipt of raw materials, to storage, production and packaging of our finished products. We are Specialist continually undertaking R&D work to meet new demands in the market.  We Abiraaja Ventures ( OHM ) specialize in supplying spices and herbs and in the manufacturing of seasonings and marinades.


We supply high quality and safe to eat foods while providing fast, responsive, flexible and customized service to our esteemed clients.

Our Vision :To be the region’s trusted South Asian foodstuff supplier, while remaining committed to ensure customer satisfaction every step of the way.

Our Mission :We strive to provide a full range of South Asian food products at affordable prices through an efficient system of distribution and delivery.

Seasonings :We specialize in a range of instant, ready-to-use blends to enhance taste, aroma and appearance of your product.

Marinades :We aim to provide you a variety of flavors for every need, from old-time classics to new and unique recipes.  Our marinades are easy to use for any meat application, and we will provide the necessary instructions and training on the dosage of our marinades to our customers.

Spices & Herbs :Browse through our huge variety of premium herbs and spices sourced from all over the world. With the cryogenic grinding facility in our production premise, we are able to grind whole spices and herbs into very fine powder. The cryogenic grinding method better seals the aroma and oil essence of the spices and herbs, in comparison to other traditional grinding methods.

Spice Blend :Besides our current range of spice blends, we also do grinding and blending to suit your recipe and application. We have some of the blends that have formulated for our international and domestic food

Food Safety :Our procurement team is constantly in search of higher quality herbs and spices at competitive prices to meet our customers’ requirement. They are responsible in ensuring our suppliers are credible, genuine and meet international food safety standards such as HACCP and ISO 22000. On top of that, our Quality Control team plays an important role in ensuring the quality and consistency of the herbs and spices received and processed in our production premise. ,With close to years of experience in the industry, we fully believe the importance of delivering safe products to our customers. We believe that our ability to maintain good rapport and relationships with our international customers for decades stems from this belief.

Our Services :Our comprehensive Processing Unit facility enables us to service our customers’ requirements. As ABR- OHM strives to satisfy the needs of every customer, we also provide product customization and contract blending to suit your specific needs and applications.

OUR FOOD QUALITY & SAFETY, ,Source of Origin :We check our products at the source of Origin. We work closely with our suppliers and visit them regularly during harvesting to control the quality of the crops and processing procedures. Our aim is to provide the best Quality Products to our end users.

Taste :We pay special attention to the products that we purchase. We do not compromise on the aroma and quality of the product. We only sell the products that we use at home to ensure the Quality, Price and Taste.

Production Facilities :We uses the latest automation facilities for production. Decreasing human contact with the product to ensure that the bacteria are kept at minimum, and hygiene are maintain at optimum.

Quality Assurance Achievement :We Abiraaja Ventures ( OHM )making us one of the pioneers in the industry to obtain such prestigious recognition of constantly maintaining our hygiene standards.We have substantial knowledge of all international trades & procurement which includes (FOOD SAFETY SYSTEM) Certification to support global logistic. With our global sales network, we are able to provide seasoning modification suggestion and indepth knowledge on specific preference of a region. And we are incorporating advance technology into our facilities such as automation warehousing system and etc.

In order to cater to the growing demands of our clients, Our company is equipped with the infrastructure and packing facilities. Our packing unit works on a combination of technology and manpower. We are equipped with all standards of manufacturing hygiene towards handling of food products, all the spices are inspected at every stage of process. They are tested by the spices Board of india on parameters like nutrition, taste, texture and aroma. Clients can be assured of 100% pure spices as well as our premium food products.

Scope of services can be availed to export above products on customized packing in clients Brands or in our dedicated in house Brands. Having been in the industry and our strong foot prints serving society for a decade now, we have carved a standards for ourselves in the export market. Our clients are spread all across the international market. Our main focus is to serve countries such as Asia, Europe, Germany, United Kindom (UK), USA, Canada, etc…

The Company has embarked its identity in the industry with its spices, Pulses, Indian Premium Rice varieties, Cereals, etc… Which has delighted the taste-buds of million over the years.

Also we have already worked on trading on volume of Soaps, and will enhance the volume in future. Currently we do buying products from domestic dealers and export those products to European countries, Singapore and in USA where our relatives and staffs are working to receive, maintain and deliver the products of Abiraaja Ventures.

The company has built long standing reputation with its suppliers & customers. This has been a success factor for all its endeavor’s. The priority is given to outstanding quality and scrupulous business ethics, a philosophy that is appreciated by our customers.

The company chief objectives is not to meet, but to surpass the quality expectations of our customers supply chain, Therefore we invest in people relationships in order to be partners, So we believe even the better can be improved, and we deliver the Perfection & Quality of our products as people always expects.


We work through every aspect at the Planning.

We export all our products without any Compromise.