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Abiraaja International Trading

‒ Singapore, Swiss, Europe, UK

OHM Brand : A Product of Abiraaja

Our Exports in the Global Markets have reached to a prominent position by achieving a immovable pace of milestone in catering to the International demands. To Satisfy the needs of the Indian Community aborad as well as the International Community, Abiraaja Exports have taken in to the commitment of exporting the food products to many Countries of the World. “Abiraaja Ventures” products are exported to Countries like United Kingdom, Singapore and Europe.

How our Production Cycle works.?


The most important step towards the delivery of good products is to procure safe and good quality raw materials.Working with an established quality management system for raw materials, we judge the suitability of all materials in advance and only select materials that pass strict standards of quality and safety.


Food packaging is an important procedure for production cycle. The packaging provides protection against tampering resistance. It may bear a nutrition facts label and other information on the product being offered for sale.


Food processing includes the processing of raw material from grinding grain to make raw flouusing safe and best industrial methods to make foods more tasty and healthier. Some food processing methods play important roles in reducing food waste and improving food preservation.


The warehouse for the processed food products is sent to the near-by storage unit.The storeroom is always keept clean and free from rodents and vermin with the wall, ceiling and floor openings being sealed and protected to prevent access.


Procuring & Processing

Our experience in the Spices, Masala & Food products industry has provided us with significant acumen into the development of high capitulation of food product varieties.


We acquire the premium quality of raw materials directly from the places of origin across India for the respective products and reserve in well-preserved storage before processing. We use a first-class quality mixture of ground spices and organic ingredients for the best preparation of our products. Our products are blended with pure and natural with the correct proportion to match the expectations of traditional taste.


Food processing is the transformation of agricultural products into food, or of one form of food into other forms. Food processing includes many forms of processing foods, from grinding grain to make raw flour to home cooking to complex industrial methods used to make convenience foods.


Storing & Preserving

“The goal of warehouse operations is to satisfy customers’ needs and requirements while utilizing space, equipment, and labor effectively. The goods must be accessible and protected. Meeting this goal requires constant planning and ongoing change.”


As consumer needs and expectations increases, it’s becoming more and more important for retailers, suppliers, and distributors like us to manage to adapt the ever-evolving field of high-tech modern warehousing.